Winter is Coming

    I once shadowed a photographer who I respect for his simple lighting techniques and unique fashion photography aesthetic. After making a comment on how amazing I thought his technique was for making people look beautiful with as little equipment as possible, he told me "God lit the world with only one light. Look how beautiful it is." I thought it was funny because we live in Portland. We don't get to see the sun often. 

    I've been hitting you with too much of life lately. Allow me to tone it down for a bit. Enjoy this portrait of Megan Gex I took months ago. 

    This shot was taken while I was getting my lights in order, before I added the fill light on the left side.  The single light creates the drama that caught my attention to rework this photo. It brings out just enough of the pieces of the puzzle to understand... enough to appreciate its beauty. The rest of the photo, the dark areas, you can't see but you are free to allow your imagination to fill it in. I like to use the photo in this present moment as an expression of the feelings brought on by the pending Portland winter. An expression of the deep dramatic thoughts manifested when people go into hibernation from the cold and rain to be with there thoughts. Only what you see on the outside is a tiny piece of who they really are as a whole. 

Megan left Portland this past summer to do humanitarian work in Burma. She is one of my friends who is out there making a difference in the world. Her blog is called Story Yelling