Los Angeles: Love Hate

    LA was... frustrating! I find it hard to write about. Everything I do on a daily basis in Portland is possible in LA, but only it takes an exhaustible amount of energy to do so. Everyday I had big plans! Do this, do that, meet this person, visit that person... by the end of the day all I managed to do was get coffee and spend the rest of the day stuck in traffic driving from one place to another.  Every day I spent in LA was a day I was diving deeper into a depression. It was hard to see my friends and family put themselves at the whim of the big city when I know there is a better way to live.   

    I arrived on a Saturday night and managed to stay there for two weeks. Yes... I will be going back down there in a few weeks. It's a love hate relationship. In Portland I can work hard and push myself towards success, but at a simple pace to where I can actually enjoy myself. Coincidentally the reason I push for success is back in LA. The reason I always go back. The strongest reason of all... family! 

    Other than spending a lot of time with my pops I made sure to visit a few places oriented around my career. One of them being The Fort LA, which is an awesome co-op art studio located right on the outer edge of the Arts District. It is currently still being built out by a group of young talented artist who are really passionate about the art culture in Los Angeles. They all work their regular 9 to 5 jobs during the day and then, around 10PM, they arrive at the studio to work through the night doing renovations on the studio. That's dedication. Below is a photo I took at the studio of these young pioneers.

   By chance, I was also lucky enough to assist Jen Siska on a shoot in Beverly Hills as well! She just so happened to have a gig shooting the cover of a magazine in transit from her home town back to San Francisco. That was a dream come true. I admire her work and look up to her for being a mother fuckin' hustla making it out there in the world of photography.  You should follow her on instagram. Do it! Now! I'll wait...

Below is an instax shot I took of her as we were dialing in the lighting. Later that day she sent me text of the picture she took of me taking a picture of her. Other than being a great photographer, she is flat out an awesome person!